Naturally Clean

This is a page for my cleaning business. Send me an e-mail to schedule your clean now!! I use all natural products. I charge 60 dollars per clean unless your house is huge, or tiny. I offer discounts to those that want me to clean every week.

Now through the end of April take advantage of my special offer!!

Anyone that refers me to a friend and that friend uses your name, you get 5 dollars off of a clean! You can refer more people and collect your 5 dollars until it pools up and you could potentially get a free clean!! If your referral becomes a regular costumer then on their 3rd clean I will give you a FREE clean! This does not take away the 5 dollars off that you have been earning for each referral.

Here is a breakdown of my cleaning:
kitchen: remove all things from the counter and clean the counters, clean the sink, microwave, stove (outside and on), clean outside of appliances, sweep floor, mop floor, take out trash and whatever extra you want done.

bathrooms: take everything off counters and clean, clean in and outside of toilet, scrub down the shower, and all fixtures. sweep, mop, and anything else you need done.

General living areas: if there are designated areas for things like toys and clothes then I will put them in their spots. Vacuum, dust and anything else you want done.

If I am forgetting something or there is something you would want done that I didn’t mention, then just tell me.


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