About me, and this blog!

My name is Jessica, I am a stay at home mom to two boys, ages 2yrs and 8mos. I would love to say that my family is fairly normal, but I will let you make the call on that one.

My husband, Bryan,  is a mechanic and I clean houses. We live in a house, have a basset hound, and two cars :-) . I strive as much as I can to not bring HFCS (high fructose corn syrup)  into this house, we do not vaccinate our kids. I breastfeed until my child says no more, I wear my kids in slings, we co-sleep, and cloth diaper. So we are your almost hippies of the ‘burbs. My family is a lot of fun, thus the reason for this blog. I hope to expose my family in a reality TV sorta way but via this blog. If I do this right then you will laugh with us, cry with us, and possibly even fight with us, I will not be holding anything back.

I do have to insert my own personal disclaimer though:

I am a very sarcastic person, keep in mind while reading my blog that it is hard to tell emotion in text form, so try to take things that I say with a grain of salt. If something does not seem right with you I am most likely not being serious. Please don’t come on here and judge me. I am doing this to get a smile out of people, and while it may upset a few of you, that is a risk I am taking :-) I may falsify information if I think it will better the story, I am not lying, I am just bettering your reading experience…yeah that’s it.

I am hoping to have this blog be about me (I know, selfish, right?) and not so much about the milestones of my kids or the trip we had at the zoo (unless something inspires me to post), I have a blog for that already. I would like to have a few pieces of advice thrown in here now and then too, like, how to deal with picky eaters (not limited to just kids), sex lives of moms, and how to…eh hem…highten it, how to deal with your hard-headed loved one. I will also have stories of things we do, and I will try to at least make you smile out loud(….sol?), because if you are like me, it takes a lot to LOL.

Anyway, there is a little one screaming at me in the background so I guess I should get off here…..

So it begins.

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