Bryan has Managed to Ruin Yo’ Mama Jokes

Remember all of the old yo’ mama jokes?

“Yo mama so tall she tripped over a rock and hit her head on the moon.”

They always started with a “Yo Mama so…..” but lately I have noticed that they have become lazier . Now they will just simply be “your mom” in a very annoying deepish voice. So if you say, “your driving to fast”, then the response would be, “your mom”
Well, Bryan goes beyond that. For example, I say, “Hey, Bryan these rolls I made are really good” Bryan replies with, “your mom’s rolls are really good” It gets worse, and sometimes too inappropriate to say here on this blog. I have yet to master this new version of your Mama jokes due to the fact that I am still stuck in the “your mom” stage of things. I am sure I will get it someday, but meanwhile, Bryan will continue to gross me out when talking about my mom that way.


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