Bryan’s Nightly Readings

Every family has a nightly routine. Whether or not it’s a strict routine, somehow or another there is a night-time routine. We used to just put the kids to bed when we noticed they were getting cranky but lately we have developed a great routine that works for us. I put Sidney to bed and Bryan takes care of London. He brushes his teeth, puts his night-time diaper on, and reads him a story. I am often done putting Sidney down at this point and I will be sitting on the recliner in the living room on the computer while they read their book. Sometimes it’s nothing to be eavesdropping on, but other times I sit in this chair laughing my ass off.

Before we started this routine, I was reading London his books. We would read a book called Knuffle Bunny which is about a Daddy and his little baby named Trixie. They take a trip to the laundry mat and on their way back Trixie is frantic and his/her (I still don’t know the gender of Trixie, lol) Daddy just gets frustrated and doesn’t listen to his baby. When they get home they are both frustrated and when Mommy opens the door she notices Knuffle Bunny is gone, so they all rush back to the laundry mat and look for Knuffle Bunny. They eventually find it and Trixie cries “KNUFFLE BUNNY!!!”, her first words. When I read the book I portray Trixie as a sweet innocent child who sweetly cries out in frustrating that she/he has lost Knuffle Bunny. She cries “AGGLE FLABBLE KLABBLE” in the book and I always portray that as an innocent child’s voice. When Bryan reads it, he somehow manages to portray Trixie as a 65-year-old smoking man who is close to needing a throat transplant. I can’t imagine what goes through London’s head when his innocent Trixie is suddenly an old smoker.

That’s not it though.

Last night he was reading London another book and read a whole sentence while yawning, so all I hear is,

“and then Jane, ahuhuhgueuhuhgjuejijsijuehigjijd, and was shocked”


I could not stop laughing which caused him to laugh and the whole book was read through laughter, yawns and “Stop laughing, I can’t read this book!”

These are memories that London will cherish forever.

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