The Dirty Deed

Really. Let’s be honest here. Sex is not a common thing in a household that is similar to mine. You have been reading my blog long enough (when I actually post something) to know what my household is like. Sex is a rare occurence. It just is. Bryan hates it and I don’t mind it, so you can see that we have some struggles here at home. In my almost 3 years of marriage I have come to terms with the fact that Bryan is pretty awful at getting me going. Often he will go a few days without being affection and then one day he is all over me, that is how I know he wants me and it turns me off even more. Other days he will simply come home and ask if we will be having sex that night. It is a rarity that he touches me in the right places, or says the right things. I think I have come to terms with this, but that doesn’t mean that it gets me riled up.

So in one of the rare times that we do have a moment alone and I am feeling it something else always gets in the way. The moods are changing in the house and the kids can sense it. Even in their sleep, they can sense it. So once things get going and we are actually into it somebody wakes up. As an Attachment Parent I am not one that agrees with allowing my children to cry it out. I will tend to their needs because I need them to see that I am there for them and I always will be. So in this situation I am forced with a decision that I do not like. Do I let the baby cry, tell my husband to hurry up and risk upsetting him and having him tell me that I never pay attention to him, or do I say sorry honey, I have to get the baby. There is another option but I won’t go there…oh wait,  you wanna hear it? Well you can nurse and……ehem…. Well come on! You know it’s a possibility!! I hate this decision though and really if my husband can hurry up and do his thang then I am sure the baby will be just fine with waiting a moment. Hey, at least his Daddy will be slightly less grumpy.

Why do you think kids are like this? I am on a parenting board and it is a pretty unanimous thing that everyone’s child does, but why? Any stories that you wanna share?

One thought on “The Dirty Deed

  1. Yep, you can nurse during. Done that.
    Is he holding off to try to get you going more? If so then get a vibrator. (You asked for opinions, right?) Small, silver, bullet shaped. Doesn’t take the place of sex, but can enhance it to the point that you are enjoying yourself – he enjoys it more because he sees your reaction – and it’s done faster so you can get back to the kids… with a grin on your face as well!

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