My Life Was Never Planned Right

When I was younger and I looked into my future I always saw me being popular, having tons of friends, a great job, living in a great city, and more things that happen to very few of us. I wanted to date and fall in love, get married and travel and then have kids. I never expected that at age 22 I would be in charge of a household of 4. I never thought that I would be struggling to live as much as we are now. I am the cleaner of poop, dishes, banana on the walls, toilets, peed on seats, yogurt spills, moments of discovery that ended badly, I am a night-time manager, baker, chef, house cleaner, story-teller, actress, improve expert, chauffeur, boo boo kisser, animal handler, health expert, personal dresser, clothes folder, shift manager, teacher, manicurist, joker, and more that I can’t think of right now. I think about the life I could have had, all the people who wouldn’t be disappointed in me, all the money I would have, the places I would have seen. I look down at my baby nursing and my toddler eating a fresh bowl of berries and all of that goes away. My boys love me! They depend on me for life! I don’t put harmful things into their bodies, I breastfeed, shop mainly organic. I play with them, I bathe them, I am their manager. This all came natural to me and I would never take it away for anything else in the world. School can wait, traveling can wait, I fell in love though, and I got married. I don’t care what people think about me. This is my life and I am loving it!!


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