To My Toddler

Dear London,

You are talking a whole lot lately. You have even been able to put together some great sentences! The other day you said, “Mama, there’s money in there”. You have started to play peekaboo but you instead say “pee-a-boo” in a super high-pitched voice. You say “oots” instead of oops. You call your Gma “Papa” instead of Gma. You say, “Gaggy” instead of Daddy, “gilk” instead of milk, “guice” instead of juice, “wuv goo” instead of love you, and a whole lot more.

Just the other day your Gaggy was in the bedroom jokingly calling me a poopy head because I was on the phone instead of talking to him, you came out and said “poo poo head, goo” and pointed at me. Oh how I love moments like this. You smack your friends ass, you call your mother a poo poo head and you at one point wouldn’t stop saying ass. I think that you are just an innocent bystander in all of this and maybe your Gaggy needs a stern talking to, but for now could you just not listen to him? Mmkay?


Your non poo poo head of a Mother, who loves you very much, because you say “Mama” perfectly 🙂


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