Diet Changes

I have been having digestive issues lately and I think I have narrowed it down to being a gluten intolerance. I also want to cut out meat because I am having these issues every time I eat meat, with gluten. So just a minute ago I was trying to find food and started freaking out. I open my fridge and find a rotisserie chicken, 2 packs of hotdogs and much more that I cannot eat now. I go to my pantry and find pastas, tuna…and more pasta. What am I going to eat?!?!

I finally settled on a fruit medley and a bowl of broccoli and cheese but I am still starving. Do any of you avid readers (yeah, you’d be avid readers if I posted!)  have any good meat and gluten-free recipes?

2 thoughts on “Diet Changes

  1. i don’t have any specific ideas, since we still eat meat, but i did a google search of ‘gluten free vegetarian’ and got a ton of hits for sites with recipes. looked like it might be a good place to look..

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