You Make Me Cringe

As a mom I often base friendships on how other parents parent. I parent in a very hippie/AP sort of way and so it is very hard to find someone who parents with the respect that I use to parent my children.

The other night we invited our neighbors over so their daughter and London could play. They really get along and have a lot of fun so there is no harm in that, right? So the Dads went in the garage while the their daughters mom and I stayed out and talked. We started talking about parenting (go figure) and she was telling me how spanking is not working anymore (cringe) and that she was looking in to new ways of discipline for her. I recommended books that could help her to get on a gentler track. Then her daughter threw sand (she had been throwing sand all night long) but her dad noticed this time and went over to her and smacked her hand, making her cry. He then proceeded to mock her crying and say ” Oh, I know, I broke her” it was sad. It was pitiful and it broke my heart.

I just ignored it, but I didn’t like it at all.

I guess the point of this post is to ask advice. I have a few friends that immediately kick their friends out/leave if any hitting occurs in their present. What would you do? In your experience have you ever noticed a success story around spanking?


One thought on “You Make Me Cringe

  1. I would probably say something like “we don’t allow spanking at our house so please find another way to discipline your daughter. Afterall, she’s just being a toddler.” But it’s hard to say something when you’re caught off-guard and not exactly expecting it.

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