Ten Ways a Mom Can Spoil Herself While Still Being a Mom

If you are like me, getting that special alone time to be “you” is a rarity.  I never get to get my nails done, I never get a massage, or anything like that. I have learned a few tricks to “spoil” myself being a mom. I deserve it.

1.) While doing the dishes make sure to soak your hands really good, when you are done quickly push back your cuticles and there you have it, a manicure!

2.) While going to the bathroom, read a book. As long as the kiddos are not screaming and you don’t have company, you can be on the potty for as long as you choose.

3.) While the kids are in the bath, turn the sink faucet on hot and crank it to full blast. Let the bathroom fill with steam, and boom, you got a facial (also if any of your kiddos are stuffy, you just killed two birds with one stone)

4.) If you don’t have heavy kids, or bad back issues then you can lay on the floor and let your kids walk all over your back, and boom, massage.

5.) Get dressed up with your kids. If your like me, you don’t get date nights, let alone a fancy date night. So play dress up with your kids and wear your best. Your kids will think you look fabulous so you will get showered with compliments, making you feel good about yourself.

6.) Buy an espresso machine. Another if your like me…..I do not want to drag my kids out of the car just to get a coffee, and while I am aware that Starbucks and other coffee joints have added drive thrus, I don’t have that kind of money, or would feel better spending it more wisely. So I make myself a fancy Mocha some mornings, complete with foamed milk, yum!! Then, set the kids up with breakfast and enjoy your ten minutes of peace.

7.) Wish you had more time to read books YOU like? Well, as long as they are not raunchy, read them out loud. Your kids may not listen the whole time but at least you are reading to them!

8.) My friend Heather enjoys wine every now and then and has recently come to like a wine called “Mommy’s Time Out” need I say more?

9.) Sometimes a little cleaning is a good way to get away while still being productive. Make sure it’s not something you hate doing and that your kids can be distracted for a chunk of time while you are working. I think cleaning the counters in the kitchen is a good one for this. Or vacuuming, so if your kids are freaking out, you can’t hear them. I kid, I kid!!

10.) As a mom, you often have to figure out how to change the way you spoil yourself. Nowadays it will often mean incorporating kids into it. Think about what you used to love before kids and figure out ways to still be able to do it without neglecting your children 😉

Well, I hope you enjoy this and try some of these out! I now have a baby crying at my feet…….life is calling.

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