What Not To Say In a Drive-Thru

I was hanging with my good friend Salena the other weekend. We were making several trips to Home Depot and other various places because she was moving and trying to paint her new place. So after a long day of taping, and driving we needed food. I do not eat fast food and I am broke, but London was hungry so we decided to go to a Wendy’s and grab drinks and a quick bite for London.

While in the drive-thru I was struggling to find a normal cheeseburger for a dollar. They have a dollar menu and on it they have triple cheeseburgers, bacon cheeseburgers, etc. I just wanted a normal cheeseburger!! So the only logical thing to do was to ask the drive-thru attendant if they could help me. Only I didn’t just say, “umm, I am not finding a normal cheeseburger on the dollar menu, how much is a plain cheeseburger?” Instead I said, “umm, do you guys have any cheeseburgers??” At this point Salena started laughing and I realized what I said while all the Wendy’s employees were laughing too. I quickly tried to fix my mistake but it was no use.

So for future reference, Wendy’s does not have a dollar cheeseburger because it is only $.98.

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