Last names

Bryan and I were just talking about how we should change our last name to something cool. We were running through a list of names and went through several before finally settling on one. We thought of going with a famous person’s last name, like a famous Bryan, or Jessica but then thought that was stupid, especially because the only famous Bryan that Bryan could think of was Bryan Busby the local weather man and that is far from famous. Then we went through a list of ordinary words to use as a last name. I started thinking of “Who’s on First” and thought maybe we should go with “Who”

A conversation I envision happening with Who as a last name:

And Jessica, what is your last name?


You, what is your last name?

Who is my last name.

No, you, what is your last name?

And it could go on and on. Then I thought of the perfect one.


The future of What as a last name:

Hi, I’m Jessica What

Oh, I was just asking you what your name was.

Oh no, What is my last name.

Um, I think you should be the one who knows that.

At a restaurant:

What, party of 4.

You said What?

What, party of 4

Oh, What, right here!

Jessica, what is your last name?


Your last name?



Yes, it is.

That one is the perfect last name, perfect.  Soon, we will be the family of What.


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