I Can’t Help it!

London enjoys talking on the phone, as do I. The other day in fact, he took my phone and hid in the bathroom and called my dad. They had a lovely conversation about who knows what for several minutes until my mom dinged me in Gmail asking if I knew this was going on. Sneaky boy.

So lately he has been carrying the remote around and pretending to talk on the phone. The other day I found myself eavesdropping on his conversation. London only really talks with one word at a time. He rarely adds two words together but being his mom I can understand everything he is trying to convey to us. So while he was on the remote phone he had an argument about going to bed, talked about what he ate for dinner, and then apparently the other person talked for a while as he nodded his head and said yes and no here and there. I wonder what he was talking about? What was he thinking about? He even waited the right amount of time as though the other person was responding.What goes on through their little minds?

Even though it was not a real conversation and he was just talking into a remote, I still felt very weird eavesdropping in on his conversation nonetheless.


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