Suzy Freakin’ Homemaker

I got a new camera For some reason that makes me really want to cook things so I can take pictures of it all. So I did.

Today I decided to try my new food processor and make some baby food. I always made London’s baby food but with Sidney I am not only busier, but I was getting about a bazillion free jars via WIC so I was just planning on using those for him. I always taste what I am putting in my kids’ mouth and this jarred food was just mediocre. Sidney thought they were nasty. At first I thought that maybe he was just above mashed foods and preferred solid food. No, he loves mashed food, just not the crap I was trying to give him. Not only is it processed in ways we will never know but it is unbelievably watered down. The baby food I make is organic, cheaper, and so much better for him, as well as better tasting.

See, Sidney is tired of it!

“Stop feeding me Cheerios and crap, Mom!!”

Today’s menu?

A mashed medley of carrots, apple, and mango. First, peel the apple and the mango and chop them up. Then, add them to the steamer for about 8 minutes

Then purée

Then, either put them into ice-cube trays or just put them into these adorable, already made for baby food, jars.

There you have it, easy as, well making baby food! Now that is one proud costumer!


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