Driving in The Fast Lane

Ask Bryan and he will tell you that I am crazy. So I am taking that and running with it via this post.

Am I the only one that feels alot of pressure when driving in the fast lane? I mean here I am just driving along and I look in my rearview mirror and see someone hauling balls towards me. I look at the speedometer and I am going 3mph over, but they are coming so fast. I can’t get over, but they will get angry if I don’t speed up, I mean, it is the fast lane right? So I speed up but I look and they are still on my ass. Now I am going nearly 7-10mph over and it’s just not good enough because as soon as they can get over they do, then they get right back in front of me.  Then it repeats. I just feel like I have to speed all the time in order for people not to get angry, but I don’t want to break the law.

Why is it like that?

It reminds me of the sociology experiment that I did. I showed that the norm is to break the speed limit so I did the speed limit. I got people so pissed at me! Why?? My experiment was a lot like this one.

I have also noticed that the new norm is to gun it from a red light and haul ass. I just wonder what the future will look like a few years from now as this continues.

So there, I am crazy.

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