London is Talking More

You know how when your kids are young and they don’t talk and so you just continue with your potty mouth like usual? Well, there is a point where that has to stop. Sadly it is more abrupt than I was thinking. Bryan and I don’t cuss like a sailor by any means, but we do use bad words from time to time. London is starting to talk a lot more and it’s really great because it has alleviated a lot of stressors for us. Problem? He is learning by repeating,so while he is learning to talk, he is also repeating things.

The other day I said “ass” and London said it, just once, but he said it. The good thing to do is just ignore it, so I did. Then the next day Bryan was handing him his plate of food and said, “Careful, that’s hotter than Mama’s ass” So you can imagine what London did. First, let’s talk about what Bryan said for a second. Why did he say that while handing a toddler his food? That is not right in so many ways, what made him think that was OK? I guess Bryan has a lot of things to change in the way he converses with his children. So then I was telling this to my mom and London was not even in the room by the time I started saying ass and he comes running in saying “ass, ass, ass, ass, ass” this is when I freaked out. What have I done? It’s kind of funny, but what have I done? He could sense that I thought it was funny so he was unstoppable. It eventually stopped and I calmed down.

Moral of the story: At first I thought the moral was stop cussing before your kids start to develop language skills, but London is 27 mos old and just now learning how to talk really well. I think you should just not cuss no matter what around your kids, unless you want them telling their friends that the pretend food they are cooking is hotter then Mama’s ass.


3 thoughts on “London is Talking More

  1. Yeah, saying “ass” is so much better than the whole phrase of “hotter than mama’s ass” – SO MUCH BETTER. Trust me, there are psychological implications involved with a little boy commenting on his mom’s hot ass.

  2. The other day my sister was looking up youtube videos of cussing toddlers. I haven’t watched any myself, but if you’re concerned, it sounds like you can watch those and view your 2-year-old as mild mannered by comparison. When C was playing with some alphabet blocks as a baby (and we had guests over) she neatly spelled D-A-M-N. That was the closest we got to a cussing toddler. 🙂

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