The Muppets

I had an issue of Family Fun that had a tear out poster type thing with the Muppets on it (an ad for Disney World or Land) and London and Bryan were looking at it together. I heard Bryan telling London the names of the Muppets and then he said “Daddy doesn’t know the rest of them”

I grabbed the paper and said, “Oh, come on, you’ve got to know these! They are on the tip of my tongue!”

I pointed at each one and he named them. Here we have Carl and Dave:

Here we have Sgt Captain:

Then I knew things weren’t sounding right when he said that this was Mr. Blockhead:

I then made a funny face indicating I was in denial of these so-called Muppet’s names. He said, “I don’t really know any of those names, I made them all up”

I said, “So this isn’t really Sgt Captain?”

He said, “No, oh and Carl and Dave are two of the guys I work with.”

I am so gullible.

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