I shouldn’t Put This Much Thought Into it

As a person who is prone to getting stomach bugs, it is always a dramatic thing when someone in this house pukes. I have been literally locking ourselves in the house this winter, and when we do go somewhere I make sure that nobody from our destination has been sick in so many hrs/days. The other night London woke up at 1:30 a.m. crying and puking. At this time, my head started swimming.

Ok, is this just one puke? Will he be up all night puking? How long will it last? Should I just assume that he has a bug? How long should I quarantine him for? Will Sidney get it? Our family is bigger now, will this keep manifesting into a bigger, more powerful bug?

So we threw him in the bath and fought over who should clean up the mess. We divvied up the work pretty well, both of us gagging (which sucks because there has to be at least ONE member of the house that can stand to clean up puke!!). I tucked London in and told him how to use the big green bowl I set by his bed. “If you feel sick you need to throw up in here” He looked at me with wide eyes and then proceeded to pretend to throw something with his hand into the bowl. I started to really get worried that there was no way this kid would be getting puke into the bowl, so I pretended to throw up into the bowl. He looked as though he understood, so we all went back to bed…..except me. I kept waking up to every little movement thinking he was hurling again. Then at one point a loud noise occurred outside and he started crying and I hopped out of bed so fast, grabbed that bucket and stuck it under his face. He looked thoroughly confused and pretended to spit in it, obviously thinking that Mommy must really want me to put something in the bowl. We sat there like that for a little bit and I finally determined that he was fine.

We slept the rest of the night with no problems and the next morning he acted fine! I was hesitant to feed him anything, but then realized that I didn’t want to deprive him of food, so I fed him an apple…..needless to say, he puked once and that was that! I think that if that is the only “stomach bug” we get this season, I may have to take the lockdown approach next year too.


One thought on “I shouldn’t Put This Much Thought Into it

  1. We have puke issues around here too – but for C (and it appears, S) it only takes a cold with a cough to set off the puking… and it happens WHILE sleeping. So 90% of the time, a bowl by the bed is completely missed anyhow. C has had this issue for years, I realized S does the other night when her coughing turned into puke (all over me) and dh turned on the light only to see that her eyes were still closed and she was sleeping. I cleaned it up and we went back to bed. At least breastmilk puke isn’t too bad.

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