Style Doesn’t Matter

The other day I left London with Bryan while I went to clean a house. They always have so much fun together, I think it is so special for them to have their special time. When I came home that afternoon I noticed something was off. London had on a pair of Sidney’s pants and a pair of mixed matched babylegs. This is the conversation that followed:

Me: Why is London wearing Sidney’s pants?

Bryan: Because those are what he brought me.

Me: So you trusted a two-year old to bring you his clothes for the day?

Bryan: Yeah, I didn’t want to go find anything.

Me: So what about the babylegs?

Bryan: The pants were way too short and I had to make up the difference.

Me: and he is wearing the same shirt from yesterday.

Bryan: Yeah and check this out.

He then proudly lifts up London’s sweatshirt only to expose the pajama shirt he wore the night before.

Me: Nice.

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