My Nursing Relationship With Sidney

Sidney is 6 months old and way different than London ever was. He is a Mama’s boy and loves his boobie milk. Lately he has been flinging himself into a nursing position anytime he wants to nurse causing me to nearly drop him. When we go shopping I wear him in the sling and I occasionally to look down and find him chomping on my shirt leaving a huge wet mark on me, great.

This last  4th of July , when he was less than a month old, we were at a like-minded friends’ house but there was a couple there that I had never met. I was minding my business getting some food when I realized that they were smiling at Sidney who was in the sling. I smiled at them and felt honored that they thought my baby was cute. I looked down at Sidney only to find that he was basically nursing on me while my shirt was on, I was so embarrassed! I said casually “oh, I guess he is saying that he wants to nurse, hehe” and I ran away listening to their laughter.

I love nursing my baby, don’t get me wrong, and I plan to be doing so for another year or more, but I am still allowed to get embarrassed by things like this!


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