Irrational Landlord Fears

We are renting our house from an older gentleman who has a lot of houses that he rents out all over the metro. The past few times that we have a problem with anything in our house he calls his “guys” and someone comes out, but it is never him. So when I sent him the rent for this month I added in a note regarding the broken bathroom in the basement. He called me a few days later and we talked about it and he said that he will be out here on Fri. What? YOU will be out here?

For some odd reason my mind freaks out and I start thinking about how we must clean this house and blah blah blah. Nothing is wrong with our house, we haven’t done any major changes to it, we haven’t broken our lease in any way, but for some reason I think that he will kick us out or something. How stupid is that? Can a landlord kick you out because the housekeeping isn’t the greatest? Can he kick you our because there are dishes to be done? The laundry room is overflowing? We have our furniture arranged in such a way? Probably not, so why do I freak out?

Wish me peace vibes for Friday and tell me I am acting crazy.


2 thoughts on “Irrational Landlord Fears

  1. Nah, we’re renting from a coworker/friend of ours. They came by yesterday and I freaked beforehand trying to clean, steam the carpets, etc. As long as you’re not taking a sledgehammer to the walls, they won’t mind that the house you’re living in looks LIVED in. 😉 *hugs*

  2. Thanks Shannon. He actually never called or came by so all was well…..except our bathroom. He is on vacation but I get to go into freak out mode in 2 wks!

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