Family Budgets

I would love to say that my family has a lot of money, but then I would be lying. We live paycheck to paycheck, we can’t do everything that we would love to do and we can’t afford fancy things. So when my husband came to me last night and said “I want fun money because I am not happy with not having money to spend on stuff I want.” , I was downright confused where this “extra” money would be coming from.

First of all, I have hassled him to get a better job, or go to school, both of which he refuses to do. So when he said that ideally he wanted to take out $100 from each of his checks, I was pissed! I spend any extra money I have on the things we NEED, like, clothes, diapers, soap…etc, Bryan spends it on himself, and I am bothered by that. He wants money so that he can get his truck pieced back together, which I completely understand because that truck is his baby, but I felt that he was asking for too much.

 So finally we came to an agreement that we both get fun money and money goes into savings so long as we don’t buy any extra silly stuff.

So how important is it to you or your hubby to have “fun” money?

What kind of system do you have for your budget?

One thought on “Family Budgets

  1. we just started implementing a budget this month. Its, um, going ok? 😉 I only budgeted $50 for me, but I’m thinking of upping it….to ONE MILLION DOLLARS.

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