Umm….What Did You Say?

If you are a mom of one or more kids then you might understand this post more than others.

As a breastfeeding mom it is often hard to get my sex drive running. I find that I am often saying, “just hurry up and go”, instead of “making love”.  So the other night was a magical night full of a grouchy husband who I could just tell needed a little bed time lovin’. Sidney had been fussy all day so it was another classic case of “just do me”. As we are undressing (not each other, that would be too much like love-making), Bryan is mumbling things I cannot understand under his breath, I keep saying what, he keeps on not repeating himself. Right as he is about to….eh hem…do his thing, he rubs his hands together and says “This is gonna be good”

Oh yeah baby, you know how to turn a lady on.

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