Joke of the Day!!

Do you have a funny joke you want featured on this blog? E-mail them at and I will put it up here!

My joke for today:

A couple in their sixties who had been married since their teen years,  had finally retired and were finding it hard living on the money they are given from their retirement fund. One night they were visited by a fairy godmother who told them that she was amazed at how much they loved each other and how well they were to each other after all of these years so she said that they get one wish each. The wife said that she wished they could go on an amazing cruise and enjoy their retirement like they should. So*poof* they were suddenly on a cruise with drinks in their hand. It was now the husbands turn. He turned to his wife and said “I am sorry but we only get one wish, I need to use this one wisely” so he said that he wished for a woman who was thirty years younger than him. The fairy and his wife looked at each other shocked that he would say something like this. The fairy had to grant the wish so *poof* the man was suddenly 93.

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