What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

I will start by saying that this whole boy thing is so new and different to me. I was eleven when my first sister was born and 16 when my 3rd sister was born. I remember everything about all the girly things that girls …well, require.

So when my son started showing an interest in the potty, it was like I have re-entered the world of learning how boys work. I am always asking my husband things about the penis, that I just don’t get and I always ask him if something was the way it should be when I thought it didn’t look right.

So now London is fully potty trained and I find myself yelling “tuck your penis in” as he is running frantically down the hallway. When we are at home London runs around with no pants or underwear on so that when he has to go and I have a sleeping baby on me (which is a frequent occurrence) he can just go by himself.

The other day London comes running to me and touches his penis, laughs and says, “penish”. Then followed by him thrusting his hips forward and making a hissing sound, basically pretending to pee…..on me. Then he starts girating his hips like an old 80’s music video. Then he turns and sticks his butt in the air and makes a farting noise with his mouth.

I wanted bows, and tea parties! I never thought my life would consist of the never-ending hilarity of farts and poop!!

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